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Niklas Modig



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It was in music that I found the joy of the creative process for the first time. To be able to create something to be proud of is a great feeling. That’s why the step to becoming a UX designer felt short. Creating visually appealing design solutions that are easy to use is something I’ve really become passionate about. The key to a well performed job in my opinion is mainly accuracy and communication. 

Tech: Figma, 8-Point-Grid, Research, Invasion, Abstract, Jira, Notion, Adobe Illustrator

UX/UI-Designer • Euroaccident

In this assignment, I have been involved in the creation of a new design for Euroaccident’s internal system for handling insurance cases. The major design challenge in this project has been to group and create a distinct hierarchy with a lot of data in small spaces. I have worked a lot with creating complex navigation components in the form of different types of menus. It has also been important to make these components adaptable based on different scenarios. 

UX/UI-Designer • Butikskolan

This project has been about creating a new design for Butikskolans website. I have worked a lot individually on this project which has included creating a moodboard, an image template and developing many different designs for what the homepage could look like. Here I have experimented a lot with colours, styles, typography and images.

UX/UI-Designer • LOTS

My role as UX/UI Designer in this project was to create a design file from scratch containing the UI of the current website and a design system. I started from the existing design of the website and re-created it in Figma with new, smart components while strictly following 8pt grid. Colors and text styles were updated according to WCAG 2.1 and new, alternative design for the parts that felt lacking was created.

UX/UI-Designer • HPI Health

The assignment involved the migration of HPI’s design file from Sketch to Figma. The design file contained hi-fi prototypes of the company’s two platforms and an associated design system and stylesheet. I created a new design system and stylesheet with smart components and efficient auto-layout to recreate the Hi-fi prototypes according to the previous design.

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UX Designer

Stockholms Tekniska Institut 2020 – 2022